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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  August 16, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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well, will jeffries spent a lot of time keeping you out of trouble. fixed it when you got caught with a gun and stopped you from buying another. so where'd you get this one from? luther's chicken. manager keeps it in his office in case we get robbed. you turned your life around, valentine. you made something of yourself. and you just threw it away. i warned francisco. stay away from pops! he laughed at me! and y'all ain't lift a finger to help.
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somebody had to make him pay. you screwed up, though. 'cause you killed the wrong guy. (scoffing): get out of here, wrong guy. francisco killed pops! cold! why are you so sure? 'cause he told me! get in there! whoa, wait, hold on, man. put the gun down, yo! you just couldn't leave pops alone! que haces?! why'd you got to go and kill him?! i been here all night, all right? look, ask her if you don't believe me. he's been here all night, okay, papa! he's been here! why should i believe you, man? why should i believe you?! get in there. come on. get in there. get in there! get in there! look, man, i'm sorry, okay? it was a mistake! a mistake? huh? what's that supposed to mean? just look, you got it all wrong. all right, man, look, we got to be men about this. we got to work this out. calm down, papa! where were you at midnight? huh?! answer me! that's what i thought. (screaming): no! no, no, no! he got what he deserved.
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got the footprints at the murder scene. shoes and a shirt the killer wore. none of them match francisco. you understand what i'm saying? he was as innocent as you. and now he's as dead as pops. no, no, no. you're going to have a lot of time to think on that in prison. why he ain't just tell me then? hmm? (door slams) hey, hey, hey. i want to apologize for the way i acted before. my buddy was in a bad way for a while. it's no excuse. but he pulled through. i was way out of line. you got every right to take a swing at me if you want. i hope everything's okay with your loved ones, too.
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don't want to talk about it, that's cool. nick? when was the last time you slept? i'm really getting the hang of this, uh, prayer thing. just don't set off the smoke alarm. did you see will? yeah. hey, why don't you go home, huh? catch some zs. i'll stay here. it's will's place. not mine. wouldn't feel right. him being here, me being there. well, anytime something like this happens... it's part of the job; we all know that. but you just never think... i mean... i don't know.
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yeah. me, too. video was in bad shape. polyurethane from the tape absorbed water. i had to go in and dry it by hand. literally baked the tape with a hairdryer... and a bunch of other stuff you guys don't care about. here's what i got. this is from a few hours before the shooting. good job, frankie. yeah, thanks. francisco and pops made peace? he all but took responsibility for pops' murder with his dying breath. protecting someone? rush: who? i know who.
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hey. where's the kid who was in here? gabriel? i told you to watch him. cut him loose. his brother died; no need to keep him. right? (pounding on door) valens: open up! police! let's see your hands, gabriel. gun! scotty? i'm okay. you're making a mistake, gabriel. you killed my brother! put the damn gun down! we didn't touch francisco. that's a lie! you going to shoot my partner? is that the big plan here? this isn't a game! and those weren't warning shots. i won't miss again.
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listen to her, gabriel. this isn't what your brother died for. you don't know about my brother! valens: i know francisco was smart. he made peace with pops. wanted this feud to end. he hated that old man. maybe. but he knew pops was right. he took that job. no! you figure he'd be proud of you for killing pops? shooting my friend? i mean, think about it. francisco (echoing): what happened? what happened?! gabriel, what happened? what'd you do? what have you done?! no, no! why did you do it? why did you do it? (sobbing) francisco was looking out for you. it's what a man does.
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he took a bullet so you could have a life. don't let it end here. be a man. i don't need an excuse to take you out. i want to. give me a reason not to. all clear. valens: come on. (sobbing) come on. gonna need an ambulance. you got to believe me. i didn't mean it. (entry bell jingling) i told you, landry. i'm not serving you tonight. (gunshot)
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(car approaching) (entry bell jingling) anyone here? hello? (two gunshots) (entry bell jingling) will?! will?! ("the judgment" playing)
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. this is wjz. baltimore. >> from the city, to the counties, to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz. >> inner harbor shooting.
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reaction from shoppers, the latest from police and the promise of the mayor. >> good evening. thank you for joining us. right now police are searching for a brazen gunman who opened fire shooting two people in the middle of that popular area. tonight we stay on the story live. we have the latest. >> reporter: a very strong police presence down here at the inner harbor. huge crowds all day long despite the double shooting. gun shots around 10:00 saturday night sent dozens inside the area running for cover. >> i was scared, and i was running toward the bus stop and i was scared. >> reporter: a 20-year-old shot in the leg and a 17-year-old shot in the arm after a fight broke out. the latest but not the only violent incident here this year. two people were stabbed in
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separate incidents in april this teen beat don elliman june by a pack of teens while he was walking. >> probably like hit in the face 30 times. >> reporter: police take violence seriously and have taken several step this summer to provet. they have added more crime cameras, replaced a command. >> we need to be aware and be responsive and we need to continue to do our job. >> reporter: in a recent statement the mayor is outraged by the shootings and won't tolerate the inner harbor being a hang out to break the law or create problems. >> people will just go outside the city to find refuge from crime. >> there is crime in all cities, baltimore is beautiful. there is so much to do. >> the regular police presence and you have to look out for
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yourself. >> reporter: so far no arrests have been made in connection with the double shooting. we are live at the inner harbor, eyewitness news. >> thank you so much. wjz always onto read the full statement from the mayor on the shooting and for more video log onto the website. more violence in baltimore, a man in custody following another shoot that left one man in serious condition. the gun shots rang out in the 4900 block of hartford. a 39-year-old was shot multiple times including a serious wound to the face. a 47-year-old faces charges including attempted murder, both of the men lived in the home where the shooting happened. >> the weather, the out skirts of claw deat claudette raining down. heavy rain in parts of the state. bill is sweeping through the
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ocean and could become a hurricane so let's check in with. >> reporter: there are three named storms but the first is claudette. just about to make landfall on the panhandle right to the east of alabama. we will show you this. on -- we can track it. that is the center of the storm. it's 25 miles west of panama city just about 70 miles to the southeast and it's moving off to the northwest slowly. the biggest concern will be the heavy amounts of rain. see these bands? we are talking about rainfall of over an inch an hour in some of these bands. want to show you the latest stats. winds at 50 miles n hour off to the northwest at 12. the storm will eventually make it it's way on land and will weaken overland but there is a lot of rain and this is going to factor into our forecast
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later in the week. we will get approximate into that later. bill nearly hurricane strength. it's really getting stronger. you can see the form its taking over the ocean getting very round with an eye trying to form. a good chance by tomorrow it'll be a hurricane just a few miles per hour short of that and it could be a strong one in addition to all of that. there is tropical depression anna out there to. here at home the weather is quiet and we will have that forecast. >> got to watch that. wjz always on for constant updates at live radar. log on to the website. a crack down in ocean city after some hotels are accused of failing to keep their customers safe. some officials want to improve a law that requires carbon monoxide detectors in hotels after last week when three men wound up in the hospital and others got sick after a co leak. investigators say the building didn't have the required
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detectors. >> a high school teacher charged with taking a minor across state lines for sex. mark jackson took a 16-year-old to his home in virginia and then had sex with her. her mother suspected something was going on and then confront the teacher. today the obama administration opened the doors of compromise. the back up idea that has some republicans seeing middle ground. >> reporter: the president seems willing to give up the idea of a government run health care program. it's one of the issues that has caused screaming matches. >> let's look at the whole picture. >> reporter: sunday the administration signaled it's now open to the idea of a
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nonprofit health insurance cooperative. >> that's the essential part. you don't turnover the whole new market place to private insurance companies and trust them to do the right thing. we need choices and competition. >> reporter: the proposed coop would get started with the help of the government and then would be independent, membership run and controlled. >> ace hardware is a cooperative, the associated press, we have successful ones, group health in seattle has 600,000 people and is the most highley rated plan. >> reporter: selling americans on the idea of insurance coops could be as challenging as it was to sell government run health care because many people just don't know what it is. >> i have been seeing it around. i wasn't sure what it was. >> i think it's a good idea. >> reporter: no one was said how it would absorb the 50
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million without insurance. getting republicans on board is also a factor. >> it would be a -- i believe a step in the right direction. a way from a government take overof the health care. >> reporter: it's an idea that both sides believe could make health insurance reform a reality. in new york cathryn brown. >> we will learn a lot about these later this week. some lib era ls saying doesn't go far enough snoovment tonight chris dodd recovering from surgery. he had a procedure after finding he had prostate cancer. he expects to return to a full schedule late their month. he said the cancer will not affect his plans to seek a 6th term. in tonight's health watch researchers reporting good news in the fight against cancer. improvements in screening better treatments have shown a steady decline in death rates over the last three decades.
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younger, adults had the steepest declines but all age groups are showing improvement. at the great prostate challenge is on bringing free screenings and this weekend men came out to the zion baptist church to get screened. it's the second most common cancer in men and african american men are particularly at risk. it's all part of the continuing commitment and if you missed we have more of the challenge, it'll continue on august the 23rd at on old frederick old from nine to three and then make sure you come out for the challenge september the 26th at st. joseph's medical center. home foreclosures on the rise. the housing market slow to rebound but it's not all bad news when it comes to real estate. how you can win a 100-dollar house.
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>> reporter: it could be the best $100 you have ever spent. >> we are going into the master bath sweet. >> reporter: a developer is raffling off a mini mansion in phoenix baltimore county. >> giving it away for $100 per ticket. we are offering a maximum of 35,000 tickets to the public and on october 15th we will hold the ralph explt winner will win the house. >> reporter: fundraisers like this one are growing in maryland as sellers stuck in the recession are looking for creative ways to market themselves. >> custom cherry cabinets, ten foot ceiling on the first floor, walnut floors. >> the raffle will help us help hundreds, perhaps thousands of families at risk of losing their homes. >> reporter: a nonprofit organization helps troubled
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homeowners. >> oversized moldings, nine inch base boards, i heard they were doing work with people who were fighting foreclosure. being in real estate it was something timely and poignant to me and i wanted to help. >> reporter: the idea is to raise 3.5 million dollars so the nonprofit can pay the appraised value of the home and start a counseling service center. >> wonderful opportunity for the community to connect and address a community issue. >> reporter: again the tickets $100 each. they must be bought 24 hours before the drawing. wjz eyewitness news. >> beautiful house. a chance to win home this home. you can go to the website and click on local news. that draw willing be held october 15th. nick markakis had a busy day after today's game he
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hosted his very own foundation's inauguration k 5k walk. we were out there hosting all of the things and by the look of it looks like they were running as well. >> a tragedy caught on tape. a pilot practicing in russia plunges to his death. a home explodes in rural pennsylvania killing an celledderly woman and making time for loved ones the first family enjoys some of nature's gifts also. >> tropical storms and recessions the market house has weathered the storms. more on the grand reopening coming up. >> the heat and higher humidity are returning to maryland and tropical storm claudette could factor in. we will let you know what that means when eyewitness news returns.
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. a crash in russia kills a stunt pilot and sends a jet into nearby homes. it happened when the knights were getting ready for an air show. five on the ground were hurt as the jet hit homes. earlier this year the fleet was grounded after two crashes happened in three days. an elderly woman dead after a house explosion outside pittsburgh. neighbors called for help after hearing the blast but there was
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liting they could do. the woman's husband tried to save her but the flames were to intense and he suffered severe burns. the woman used an oxygen tank. there is blood shed in texas when a family is gunned down in a murder suicide. a man held his ex-wife's parents and brother and then shot them in front of her. the man hid behind a daycare center and then killed himself. >> sounded like metal like slamming against the floor. >> had to be just out of his mind. had to be -- i don't know what he would think when he done that. it's insane. >> police say the shooter had a long history of arrests including acts of violence against a different family member. after betting on the horses a better in new york had a stroke of very good


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